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We stock a range of mild steel plate and bar, EN8 and EN16T bright round bar, EN26W black round bar, Raex abrasion resistant plate, Hardox 500 bucket edges, EN45 spring steel flat bar. We also have Chromium Carbide and Tungsten Carbide and a small amount of Stainless Steel, Galvanised plate and Bronze round bar plus cutting service, no minimum quantity.


The tensile strength of mild steel is around 410 N / square mm, 27 tons / square in.


EN1A or 230MO7PB is a free cutting steel with tensile strength of 400 to 650 n / square mm and hardness 115 to 200 Brinel.


EN8 is an unalloyed medium carbon steel with good tensile strength, usually 500 to 800 N / square mm. 


EN16T is a low alloy high tensile steel with a tensile range of 850 to 1000 N / square mm. It offers relief from temper brittleness and has a good resistance to shock with excellent ductility.


If you are looking for abrasion resistant steel with considerable hardness and impact toughness, then abrasion-resistant RAEX steel wear plate is the perfect choice. The plate thicknesses range from 2mm up to 80mm. You can extend the lifespan of machinery, decrease wear in structural components and save costs.

It is used to make digger buckets, machine parts etc. RAEX is also used in various applications of mechanical engineering by, for example, the automotive, heavy lifting and transportation, and mining industries. Example price, our 10 mm RAEX 500 plate, £240 / square m, March 2019, quantity discount available.


Tensile strength of Hardox 500 is 1430 Newtons per square mm.

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