Advantages of hiring


Reduced capital outlay for the user.

100% tax deductible.


Much of our equipment, during its lifetime, will do much more work than a user owned machine thus reducing the deprecation per hour worked, this saving is passed on to our customer. 


Since we are often doing a lot of the same maintenance we get very used to it and thus good at it, again, reducing the cost.


We also have lots of agencies for spare parts and so can get them at reduced cost.


Because we have lots of equipment doing lots of work we use lots of spare parts and thus get a cost advantage by bulk buying. We also sell parts thus increasing this advantage.


Because we will buy a lot of kit and have it on display, in our yard, in the field, up and down the road, the maker gets cheap advertising thus we can haggle a better deal on new items, this saving is passed on to our customer.




No maintenance cost for the user. Our equipment is well maintained.


In the rare event of a breakdown we can usually replace the machine with another one.

We keep spare wheels for all our equipment thus in the event of a puncture we can usually get you going quickly.


Larger variety of equipment for the user to choose from.


User can take several of the same machine, thus getting on faster.

There are, of course, some disadvantages to hiring, like for instance; if you use a machine for maybe an hour a day for most of the year, then it may be better to own it. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t go further into the disadvantages.

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