Cousins points fit Tim Howard

The Cousins points are very good, as are Tim Howard, however Cousins have an advantage over Tim Howard in that they are multi piece, thus enabling the replacement of individual parts. We can sell you all the standard Cousins parts or you could choose our modified parts.

As with our Tim Howard points, the leg can be made to last indefinitely by protecting it with chocky bar and carbon steel.

The picture on right is one of our adapted Cousins point assemblies, this shin and side leg protection is reversible.

See below a Tungsten Cousins point. These can last much longer, although not good on stones.

We are looking into making these points from chocky bar and also a chocky bar, Tungsten combination.

Chocky bar is much more impact resistant than Tungsten and also much cheaper. Please get in touch for more info on how best to use Cousins points, 01609 773607

01609 773607.

07760 625057.

07788 725871.

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