Better sealing available for ECE muck spreader auger gear boxes.


There is a tendency for muck to fall through the hole in the auger deck and thence through the seal and into the gear box, see the photos below. There is now a seal available which attaches to the bottom of the auger drive dog, see photos. The later dogs have a shoulder on the bottom for the seal to attach to. It's not difficult to reproduce this shoulder if you have a lathe, just weld a suitable size washer to the bottom of the dog and then turn to size. We can advise 01609 773607. With or without these seals it is very important to check the gear box oil level and color frequently and top up or change as required. Make sure these dogs are well greased during assembly and have a good o ring in plase, the o ring can be seen in the first pic.

The first pic is an auger gear box full of muck. The second shows a new type dog on a gear box with seal fitted. Next is a new type dog with seal fitted and an old type dog. Next is a new type showing the shoulder and the last picture is, left to right, new type, new type with seal and old type.

We accept no responsibility for any problems you may incur by following this advice.   

01609 773607.

07760 625057.

07788 725871.

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