Repair worn wheel stud holes.

I'm quite pleased to say that recently we have had very few wheels to repair. Maybe people have eventually heard what I?ve been saying for years, which is "just look at and listen to your wheel studs occasionally and tighten them as required". Actually I'm joking, I suspect the real reason is the fact that, in real terms, new wheals are now cheaper, which is good because we always struggled to make money from repairing wheels. Anyway, for our own info I've calculated the ratio between the diameter of the circle of wheel studs holes and the straight line distance between each one. It seems to me that here is a good place to store this info so that we or anyone else can easily retrieve it.   

To calculate the distance between each stud just divide the diameter of the circle of studs, measured through the centre of the studs, by the figures shown.

For 4 studs divide the diameter by 1.4142.

For 5 studs divide the diameter by 1.70129.

For 6 studs divide the diameter by 2.

For 8 studs divide the diameter by 2.61313.

For 10 studs divide the diameter by 3.23604.


This job can also be done using dividers to dissect angles and lines. Instructions to follow when I get chance. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by following these instructions.  

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