This is our founder Jack, photo taken in 1908 one year after moving to Otterington. The door he's standing in front of was replaced in 2018 and because of the very good design, we retained the original track and runners. During this work we discovered these runners were made at Mattisons foundry Leeming Bar. Click here for more info on Mattisons. 

Jack, centre, in around 1900 - 1903 where he served his time with William Britton, second from left, at Winston between Barnard Castle and Darlington.  

Parlour Agricultural Contracting

Jack Parlour and Austin tractor with spade lugs removed for road work, to be re fitted on arrival at field. Behind is a four wheeled trailer with iron wheels carrying a Ransome plough and a seed drill and behind that a fuel bowser.   

Parlour mobile welding

Ex RAF mobile welder on airplane wheels and tyres and ex Army Ford Jeep.

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